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Taking Note: Research for the New Year

Happy New Year from the NEA Office of Research and Analysis! To start the year off, we wanted to direct you to some of the work that has been trickling into our office over the past year from the FY12 cycle of the Research: Art Works grant program.

As an introduction, FY12 was the inaugural year of the annual Research: Art Works grant program, and for this particular year, the NEA awarded approximately $250,000 across 14 secondary-data analysis projects that investigated the value and/or impact of the arts on humans and society. In addition, our grantees have been sending us research reports on the results from their studies. We are excited to share with you the results from some of those papers. 

Below you will find some downloadable papers from our grantees:

1.     Creative Alliance Milwaukee Inc. 2.     Harvard University 3.     National Dance Education Organization 4.     University of Maryland at College Park 5.     University of Texas at Austin 6.     Williams College

In addition, some of our grantees have papers that are in press or under review at peer-review research journals. Instructions on how to access to those papers are forthcoming.

1.    Georgia Tech Research Corporation (in press, Cultural Trends)
2.    University of Dayton (in press, Empirical Studies of the Arts) 3.    University of Illinois at Chicago (manuscript under review)

Additional papers, presentations, and/or citations that we have received are located on the Research Grant Reports page on the NEA's website, and we will update that page as we receive updates from our grantees. Also, summaries of all funded Research: Art Works projects can be found using the search tool on our Recent Grants page.

Feel free to start a dialogue here in the comment section, or send us an e-mail at regarding what your thoughts are on the first set of reports from the FY12 Research: Art Works grant program! The NEA Research staff will try to answer any questions or concerns, and we will reach out to our grantees to see if they would be able to respond to any specific questions about their reports and/or research.


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