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Your First Literary Crush

In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked our Facebook friends to tell us about their first literary crush. Here's what they had to say: 

I think I have to go with Jane Eyre. Then and now, I view her behavior as so admirable. She has a hard road to hoe but she traverses everything with dignity and courage, just using her own resources, morality, and smarts! She is close to my heart.  —Cindy B.

Georgette Heyer. Plot and romance. Of great appeal at age 13. —Meri J.

If character, Calvin from A Wrinkle in Time because he liked Meg for who she was even though she thought she was weird, and as a weird kid, that was very encouraging!  —Hannah O.M.

I was wildly in love with John Ridd from Lorna Doone.  —Ramona D.L.

He wasn’t the first, but I have pretty deep and intense feelings for Septimus Hodge in Arcadia. —Natalie H.

French author Guy de Maupassant. His novel Bel Ami chronicles the life of Georges Duroy, a poor ex-soldier, journalist, and social climber who rises to power as one of the most successful men in Paris, which he achieves by a series of romantic affairs with powerful, intelligent, and wealthy men’s wives.  —James M.

William Carlos Williams. That red wheelbarrow gets me every time. —Sonja L.

Character: Archibald Craven in The Secret Garden. Eight-year-old me loved the brooding hunchback longing his life away in his gloomy castle in the moors. Author: Fitzgerald, because he was hot—simple. —Nikki H.

Jude the Obscure. He broke my heart. —Lynne C.

Sherman Alexie. He made me laugh…and think about why I was laughing. It doesn’t hurt that he’s super charming and good-looking either. —Sara O.

Jack Kerouac filled my heart with wanderlust. —Phoenix Mayet Photography


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