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Meet some our Big Read authors in our Art Works podcasts!
Listen up as 1999 NEA National Heritage Fellow Zakir Hussain talks about his life as a tabla musician.
If you drew a Venn diagram to illustrate the myriad overlapping connections between NEA Jazz Masters —who played with who when—there’d be at least one unexpected artist floating somewhere in the center: guitarist, Bill Frisell . He’s collaborated with so many NEA Jazz Masters it’s almost impossible...
Hear the tunes of the 2016 NEA Jazz Masters thru a special playlist we put together for you!
Poetry Out Loud Program Manager Eleanor Billington catches up with last year's national champ Maeva Ordaz.
A playlist featuring African-American artists from our Art Works podcast series.
Tune into this holiday playlist featuring NEA Jazz Masters.
A handful of podcasts to add to your summer listening list.
Summer is fast approaching and so we're winding things down on the Big Read blog. Two more posts to go and then we close up shop 'til the fall. Fare the well breezy spring days of 75 degree temps (all three of them), and hello swamp-heat, which so graciously suffocates the District like a wool...
How do you live in a place that might be completely alien to you? - Manil Suri Jhumpa Lahiri's first novel and Big Read selection, The Namesake , further explores an issue near and dear to the author's heart: what it feels like to be an immigrant. Though Gogol Ganguli is the protagonist, it's his...