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While Katherine E. Young currently serves as the Poet Laureate for Arlington, Virginia, her first serious study of poetry was not in English, but in Russian. As Young explained when we spoke on the phone, her university training in the 1980s and 90s in Russian and international affairs led her to...
Some of the most exciting creative work taking place in the country is not seen on stages, in concert halls, or museums. It is happening in city administrative offices, in departments of long-range planning, community relations, transportation, and others. There, artists are using their expertise...
Visit these Blue Star Museums featuring exhibits on literature!
Meet new Literature Translation Fellow David Shook.
Photographer Claire Beckett talks about the power of photography to not only reveal others to us, but to reveal us to ourselves.
A spotlight on Erie Arts and Culture's NEA-supported Art and Industry Project.
Secrets are typically meant for hiding: in diaries, in hearts, in deep, dark corners of closets. But as part of PostSecret , the wildly popular community art project, anonymous senders write their secrets nakedly on postcards, without even an envelope to veil them. As the postcards make their way...
We talk with arts leader Milton Rhodes about Winston-Salem, North Carolina's emerging role as a hub for arts and innovation.
Our Milestone videos celebrate the nation's foremost arts organizations.
Former NEA Chairmen celebrate the legacy of the NEA's fourth chairman, Frank Hodsoll.


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