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As a grant-making agency, the NEA gets to make a lot of “happy calls.” These are when our staff gets to telephone applicants and let them know that their project has been approved for funding, and that they are officially an NEA grantee. Just as sweet a day is when we get to spread this same news...
Meet Big Read author Tobias Wolff.
I'm writing this from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, just off Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. Although the focus of the workshop I'm attending is not explicitly (or even largely) on global welfare, the dialogue here, if it precipitates action, could have striking implications for...
Meet Justin Tucker, an NFL kicker--and an opera singer!
Read our complete interview with Shan Goshorn here . See a gallery of her baskets on the NEA Pinterest page .
Visual artist Sarah Sense talks about the opportunities and challenges inherent in modernizing a traditional art form.
A round-up of NEA YouTube playlists to round out your holiday soundtrack.
We asked our partners at the state arts agencies and regional arts organizations which artists they wanted to say thank you to. Here's what they had to say.
No doubt we have all turned to literature in times of distress. For many, this might be a religious text, while for others, it might be a favorite poem or even a treasured children’s book. We find solace in their words, and sustenance in their sentences. But can this experience be translated across...


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