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2016 NEA Jazz Master Wendy Oxenhorn shares some of her favorite music.
Get to know the 2016 NEA Jazz Masters!
Hear the tunes of the 2016 NEA Jazz Masters thru a special playlist we put together for you!
Thanks to Alice Merrill Horne, Utah can claim the first state-sponsored arts agency in the nation. At the young age of thirty, Horne ran for the 3rd Utah Legislature specifically to advance an arts agenda and was elected — becoming only the third female legislator in the state. In 1899, she...
Learn about one of the first Big Read communities to join the program.
Poetry Out Loud Program Manager Eleanor Billington catches up with last year's national champ Maeva Ordaz.
New National Council on the Arts member Diane Rodriguez talks about her life as an award-winning theater artist.
Composer Mary Watkins discusses how she thinks about failure and her work as an artist.
Poet and NEA Literature Translation Fellow Ani Gjika gives a glimpse into her work as a literary translator.
We asked some of our colleagues, "which Big Read novel is your favorite and why?" Here's what they said!


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