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"America is recognized throughout the world as a place where the size of your dreams is limited only by your imagination. Where creativity can inspire new and impossible things, and where self-expression thrives without restriction. This is what has allowed our cultural landscape to flourish, and...
NEA Chair Jane Chu shares on why the arts mattered to her as a young person.
Rhodessa Jones of the Medea Project on the purpose of art.
We couldn't pick just one Notable Quotable from poet/playwright Claudia Rankine so here are a few.
Hear more from Azar Nafisi in this Art Works podcast . Visit the NEA stage at the National Book Festival on Saturday, September 5 to hear from Nafisi live as part of the panel "Why Literature Matters: A Conversation about the Importance of the Imagination” with Jane Hirshfield and Jeff Brown.
A collection of thought-provoking quotes by women artists, from selected Art Works blogs and Art Works podcasts.
"The lessons I learned at the keyboard went far beyond any specific piece of music I performed. Music has helped to inform my life; it has helped to develop my own capacity. From my perspective, the work you're doing goes far beyond your teaching methods, and your intellectual findings. You are...
National Council on the Arts member Emil Kang thinks we need to dream big.
"Aristotle wrote about the cathartic experience of theater. This is an art form that acts out the stories of our lives, our dreams, our hopes, and our communities. At the heart of theater lies universal human emotion, which transcends any specific level of education, income, race, or geography. It...