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U.S. Representative Alma Adams, who represents North Carolina's 12th District, talks about her life in the arts.
C. Brian Williams first discovered stepping as a fraternity brother at Howard University. This was in the 1980s, before stepping hit the big screen in School Daze, Drumline, or Stomp the Yard , and before it represented the nation at Bill Clinton’s 1992 inauguration or the 1996 Olympic opening...
Learn about composer Mary Watkins and her journey to the music world.
We've got 10 illustrative quotes to inspire you from writer Carson McCullers.
Amanda Williams works at the intersection of visual arts and architecture as a way to help her city thrive.
When we asked Ahamefule J. Oluo — the Seattle-based musician and storyteller/comedian — why the arts matter, his initial response was, "What else is there?" For Oluo, who told us that he couldn't remember not wanting to be an artist, the arts are life. Take his masterwork, Now I'm Fine , for...
Toni Morrison on why she writes.
Wichita celebrates the community's vast cultures through the Big Read.
At one point or another, most little girls dream of becoming a princess when she grows up. But what if the princesses in books and movies don’t have hair like you do? What if the models you admire as a self-conscious adolescent don’t have the faces or bodies you see when you look in the mirror?...
Words of wisdom from iconic musician Duke Ellington.


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