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Composer Mary Watkins discusses how she thinks about failure and her work as an artist.
Poet and NEA Literature Translation Fellow Ani Gjika gives a glimpse into her work as a literary translator.
We asked some of our colleagues, "which Big Read novel is your favorite and why?" Here's what they said!
Cinematographer and director Kirsten Johnson talks about the ambivalence of a life behind the documentary camera.
A recent Guggenheim Fellowship winner, Sabina Ott has had her sculptures, paintings, and videos shown in over 100 exhibitions around the world. Her works are in museum collections from New York to California, and she has curated dozens of shows and taught hundreds of art students. And yet, one of...
Learn more about NEA grantee Ananya Dance Theatre and their upcoming program spotlighting the journey of healing for women.
“The arts are a reflection of individual people as thinking, feeling, responsive beings. Experiencing the arts helps make us all more human.” – Gwen Chanzit As you're making your summer vacation plans, you might want to include a trip to the Denver Art Museum for their exhibit Women of Abstract...
What does your zodiac sign say about which Big Read novel you should read next? Find out!
Elizabeth Broun of the Smithsonian American Art Museum shares her definition about art.
Of the top 700 films over the past seven years, a grand total of three were directed by African-American women. Twenty years ago, the statistics were even worse. At that time, author and filmmaker Carolyn Butts was having trouble finding a distributor for her short film Underground Voices . But her...


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