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Known as the birthplace of the Delta blues, and adjacent to the jazz traditions of New Orleans, Mississippi is fertile ground for music history. And yet, Dr. David Miller, a professor of music at Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi, said younger generations have become disconnected with...
See how Pennyroyal Arts Council's Big Read program sparked conversation with its community.
Too bad the word “opportunistic” is laden with negative, Machiavellian connotations. Otherwise, it’s just the term I would use to flag some of the more inspired hook-ups in arts research today. For at least five years, the NEA's research office has exploited (the very verb smacks of cunning) the...
April is a double-whammy when it comes to the arts. Not only is it Jazz Appreciation Month, but it's also National Poetry Month (it's also Procrastination Awareness Month, but we'll get to that later). As a mini blogabration, we've compiled a few quotes from jazz musicians and poets on why art...
Filmmaker Kirsten Johnson ponders the questions that are raised when everyone has immediate access to a camera.
We're celebrating National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month with poems inspired by jazz!
Can you guess which quotes were truly said by Big Read authors and which ones we've doctored?
2016 NEA Jazz Master Wendy Oxenhorn shares some of her favorite music.
Get to know the 2016 NEA Jazz Masters!
Hear the tunes of the 2016 NEA Jazz Masters thru a special playlist we put together for you!


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