Local Arts Agencies

Local Arts Agencies

Across the United States, thousands of local arts agencies (LAAs) provide a wide range of programs and services to help support and enable arts and culture at the local level.  LAAs are intermediaries, serving artists and arts organizations, local residents, visitors and other partners. All strive to enhance the quality of life in their communities by working to increase public access to the arts. 

Local Arts Agencies Fact Sheet


Local Arts Agencies & Challenge America Director

Michael Killoren
Michael Killoren serves as the director for Local Arts Agencies and Challenge America at the National Endowment for the Arts...


Lara Holman Garritano
Grant Management Specialist (Locals/Challenge America), garritanol@arts.gov
Mary Sellers
Challenge America Specialist, sellersm@arts.gov

Recent Grants

Medal of Arts

An online grant search is available to find information on NEA grants from 2000 to the present.


Jane Chu
Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts


The 2017 NEA Guide provides details on the programs and activities that the NEA supports, as well as funding deadlines for our various grants. Included is information on Grants for...
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