Former NEA Chairmen celebrate the legacy of the NEA's fourth chairman, Frank Hodsoll.
There is modern dance and modern art, indie rock and experimental theater. Within the opera world however, tradition has maintained a firmer grip, and most of us still expect the grand themes, grand scale, and grand voices of the art form’s original 16 th -century roots. But for musicians and...
Mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn has made it a point of pride to experiment throughout her career. She has performed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, played the part of Miriam in the Moses-inspired video opera Mosheh , and performed with the Wooster Group in La Didione, which she described as "a cross...
Even though it’s been more than a decade, Grethe Barrett Holby vividly recalls reading Walter Dean Myers with her son. Myers, an award-winning, middle-grade author known for his gritty urban realism, often wrote about basketball, including in his novels Hoops and Slam. “I was blown away by the fact...
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