Arts Data Profile Series

Pain-free introductions to arts-related datasets through summary
statistics, tables, visualizations, and links to other tools and

Arts Data Profile #1 (April 2013)
Equal Opportunity Data Mining: National Statistics about Working Artists

Arts Data Profile #2 (December 2013)
Accounting for the Nation's Arts and Cultural Goods and Services

Arts Data Profile #3 (March 2014)
Keeping My Day Job: Identifying U.S. Workers Who Have Dual Careers as Artists

Arts Data Profile #4 (January 2015)
Why Don’t They Come? Characteristics of Interested Non-Attendees of the Arts

Arts Data Profile #5 (January 2015)
States of Engagement: Arts Participation by U.S. Geography:

Arts Data Profile #6 (January 2015)
The 2014 Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account: 1998-2012

Arts Data Profile #7 (April 2015)
A Matter of Choice? Arts Participation Patterns of Americans with Disabilities  

Arts Data Profile #8 (July 2015)
NEA Arts & Livability Indicators: Assessing Outcomes of Interest to Creative Placemaking Projects

Arts Data Profile #9 (January 2016)
The U.S. Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account: 1998-2013

Arts Data Profile #10 (August 2016)
Results from the Annual Arts Basic Survey (AABS)

Arts Data Profile #11 (August 2016)
State-Level Estimates of Arts Participation Patterns (2012-2015)