Additional Information About "Arts and the GDP" and Satellite Accounts

Research Spotlight: Artistic Originals as Capital Assets

Published in the June 2011 edition of the Survey of Current Business, this article, by BEA economist Rachel Soloveichik, discusses the BEA's methods of accounting for artistic originals as capital assets. Artistic originals include theatrical movies, original songs and recordings, original books, long-lived television programming, and other art works such as stock photography.

Improved Estimates of the National Income and Product Accounts: Results of the 2013 Comprehensive Revision

Authored by the BEA's Stephanie McCulla, Alyssa Holdren, and Shelly Smith, this article, from the September 2013 edition of the Survey of Current Business, discusses the BEA's most recent comprehensive revisions of the national income and product accounts (NIPAs), including the agency's recognition of R&D as fixed investment.

U.S. Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts for 2009-2012

The most recent economic estimates of travel and tourism are discussed in this June 2013 Survey of Current Business article by BEA economist Steven Zemanek. Travel and tourism contains elements of the arts and culture—namely performing arts and movies—and its satellite account served as a model for the ACPSA.

Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts, Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is scheduled to release its first satellite account on cultural and creative activity in early 2014. This discussion paper explains the background, definitions, and statistical models used to produce the account.

Satellite Account on Culture in Spain

Spain's Satellite Account on Culture is produced by the Spanish Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the country's National Statistics Institute. Covering the years 2000-2008, this report discusses the account's definitions and methods, and it provides statistics such as value added for cultural sectors, including heritage, the performing arts, and books and press. 

Creative Economy Report

Produced by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), the Creative Economy is a series of reports first released in 2008 and updated most recently in 2013. Creative Economy is used widely by policy makers and researchers alike, and it covers concepts and definitions of the creative economy, as well as sections on creative cities, tourism, and economic analysis.