Theater & Musical Theater

Theater & Musical Theater

The National Endowment for the Arts offers grants to the nonprofit theater and musical theater fields for the production or presentation of traditional or classical repertoire, new plays and musicals, development laboratories, showcases, artist residencies, work for young audiences, experimental work, community-based work, outdoor historical dramas, and puppetry.


Theater & Musical Theater Director

Greg Reiner
Greg Reiner joined the NEA as the director of theater and musical theater starting in September 2015. Reiner manages NEA...


Eleanor Denegre
Musical Theater/Theater Specialist,
Carol Lanoux Lee
Musical Theater/Theater Specialist,

Recent Grants

Medal of Arts

An online grant search is available to find information on NEA grants from 2000 to the present.


Headshot of Brian McDonald
Founder and CEO of Veteran Artist Project


The 2016 Guide provides details on the programs and activities that the NEA supports, as well as funding deadlines for our various grants. Included is information on Grants for Organizations,...
This report presents results from an initial analysis of the 2012 SPPA. It contains statistics with demographic insights about U.S. adults' participation across five modes of art activity: attending; reading...


Throughout 2016, theater companies and artists around the globe are celebrating the enduring relevance of Shakespeare and his works. Many NEA grantees are commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death with special programming, including performances, lectures, events, festivals, toasts, and all manner of rustic revelry. Click here for a list of events shared with us by grantees.