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Actor Dria Brown talks about playing Joan in Bedlam’s almost postmodern production of George Bernard Shaw’s St. Joan in DC’s Folger Theatre. It’s stripped down in every way: minimal sets and costumes and a cast of four; Dria plays Joan and only Joan; the other three actors juggle 26 roles. The rehearsals were interesting. We hear about her growing up in South Carolina, how time in her father’s church readied her for the role, and her desire to get the audience to engage with the performance.


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Taking on the role of a lifetime: Rosa Parks in Behind the Movement


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Interpreting history with All the Way and The Great Society.


Walter Ware

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Casting Director

Casting Director Walter Ware III brings the right people together. Read all about the behind-the-scenes crew in NEA Arts


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Artistic director and founding member of Spiderwoman Theater

Forty years on, the first Native-American women’s theater is still going strong.


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Actor and Tony- Award winning Producer

Shining a light on untold stories.

Founder of the Big Apple Circus

Finding artistry in intimacy


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Founder, CEO and President of the Capital Fringe Festival

Making theater happen in DC


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Her play Intelligence is a political drama that centers on accountability.


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Actress and former member National Council on the Arts

Living a full life on and off the stage.