Melissa Walker

Transcript of Melissa Walker
Melissa Walker: With this population, specifically, I was so surprised by their openness and their willingness and their bravery to dive in to the arts, which is, many times, something that they had never really explored before. So that was a wonderful surprise, to see them hungry for this, and then really respond. All the time, I’ll sit in a group, and I’ll look around, and I’ll see all the service members focused on their work, and I just can’t help but think... sometimes it’s just like... I don’t know how I can put this. I mean, it works. Oh, my gosh! This thing that I loved and studied and wanted to share is working. They’re really responding to it. They really love it, and for me, it was not so much a surprise, because, as my intuition said, “This is what I need to do, and this is what people need, and I need to be an advocate for this, and help people feel safe to try it.” But the fact that you look around and you see it, like I said, I have these moments where it’s just---it never gets old.