Nate DiMeo: Listening to the Room


Logo with outer blue circle and inner yellow circle around an old photo of men and boys posing for a portrait.

The Memory Palace logo. Image courtesy of Nate DiMeo

The Memory Palace_Final_Oct6.mp3

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For years, Nate DiMeo has painted stories lifted from American history for his podcast, The Memory Palace. Except instead of a brush, he uses his voice, music, and a microphone. It’s like he takes a Polaroid of an event or a location, say the Vietnam War Draft or the first gay bar in America, and then he takes us inside that photographed image so we can hear and feel what it might have been like to live the experience of that place and time. The stories themselves are works of art, and he’s our digital tour guide. So it makes sense the Metropolitan Museum of Art chose him to be the 2016-17 artist-in-residence—the first podcast producer selected for this honor. In this piece, we’ll hear excerpts from DiMeo’s first commissioned MET story, “Gallery 742,” and his thoughts on the experience and The Memory Palace.