The Big Read Blog (Archive)


September 17, 2008
From the road

a photo blog from David Kipen's Big Ride for The Big Read

While his grandmother's staff stuffs another impeccable veggie quesadilla, Patrick Camara, right, brandishes a new book from the Forsyth County Public Library's Big Read booth next door. Photo by David Kipen.

It was only fitting that as I left the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville's Big Read of To Kill a Mockingbird in Georgia, I'd stop off in Monroeville, Alabama, Harper Lee's inspiration for Maycomb. In this photo, you can see the ruined foundation of Truman Capote's childhood home in Monroeville, Alabama. (A friend of Lee's since childhood, by all accounts, Capote was the inspiration for Dill.) It could be worse: the land under Harper Lee's long-since-razed house next door is now home to a drive-thru hot-wings shack. Good soft-serve, though. Photo by David Kipen.

Here's the view of the "Negroes' Gallery" from the judicial bench in the Monroeville courtroom that inspired Maycomb's in To Kill a Mockingbird. Photo by David Kipen.