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December 12, 2008
Washington, DC

Marilyn Robinson at the podium reading from her novel

Marshall Public Library (Pocatello, Idaho) kicked off its Big Read of Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping on October 14 with a reading by the author at Idaho State University. Photo by Jim Tehila.

In a recent interview with the NEA, Robinson described the writing practice that has beget her award-winning novels, including Housekeeping, Gilead, and most recently, Home:

"I write when I can. I write very much when I have the impulse to write. And so I can write five days a week, you know, continuously. And then, if I come to the end and I have to think about things for a while, I don?t write at all for a while. I?m not at all a work ethic sort of writer...[E]ither I have persuaded myself of the illusion, or I?m outside of the illusion and those are my two states, as far as writing is concerned."