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October 7, 2009
Washington, DC

An aerial view of  Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based Phillips Memorial Public Library's  kickoff event for its 2007 Big Read of Fahrenheit 451. Photo by Jeremy Gragert.

One of my favorite tasks here at the NEA is to read the many newsclips that come in each day from Big Reads across the country. Today I thought I'd share with you just a few of the great quotes that have made it into print over the last few weeks.

 from KNDO/KNDU Right Now (Washington)

The National Endowment for the Arts wanted to bring books back into the heart of American life and that's what we want to do too. Having books at the center of people's life is very important to us, and bringing reading back. ---Kyle Cox, Services Director, Mid-Columbia Libraries

from College Heights Herald (Kentucky)

The Great Gatsby is an important piece of American literature and history. It gives us a window into the culture of that time and specifically that of Kentucky, which is referenced several times throughout the book. --- Steve Marcum, Chairman of Trustees, Warren County Public Library

 from The State (South Carolina)

[Edgar Allan Poe] was the original Goth---and he didn't have to wear guyliner to prove it. ---Otis R. Taylor, Jr., The State

 from The Poughkeepsie Journal (New York)

I hope [The Big Read] opens their eyes to the fact that a book is not just words on paper. Ther's a whole world and culture around every book. ---Wendy McNamara, Public Information Officer, Poughkeepsie Public Library District

from The Murray Ledger & Times (Kentucky)

You know a book is really special when an 8th grader announces in front of his peers, "This is the best thing I ever read." He clutches his copy of To Kill a Mockingbird so tight his fingers make the cover of the paperback ripple." ---from "Students take another look at To Kill a Mockingbird"

from WHSV-ITV (Virginia)

We do this as a gift for the community. . . And it's just our way of saying thanks to the community, and showing our commitment and passion for reading, and hopefully sharing that and getting them excited about picking up a book again. ---Mary Golden Hughes, Massanutten Regional Library


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