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 July 14, 2009
Washington, DC

William Michael Harnett, American, 1848-1892, "Mortality and Immortality" (1876). Oil on canvas. Roland P. Murdock Collection.

No man is an island, and neither is any Big Read. As any Big Reader will tell you, each project  is all about partnership. Today I?m giving a shout-out to Wichita Public Library?s collaboration with the Wichita Art Museum, one of the many partners that is already working to make the city?s Big Read of Edgar Allan Poe a rousing  success.

From July 19-November 15, the museum will feature an exhibition of ?chilling works of art? from its collection of more than 7,000 objects.  One of the included works is "Mortality and Immortality"  by William Michael Harnett, an American (by way of Ireland) painter born just a year before Poe died, and best known for his trompe l?oeil still lifes.

Here?s a bit from museum spokesperson Crystal  Walter:  ?One of our goals at the Wichita Art Museum is to broaden the horizons of the community. Both reading and art help expand the mind, so it was only natural that the museum would partner with The Big Read to help the people of Wichita expand their horizons and pick up a book. Mortality and Immortality, by William Michael Harnett, sets a chilling mood. Poe?s writings will surely give you a good evening of reading?. but probably not a good night of sleep.?


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