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Happy Last Day of 2009. To celebrate, I asked a few folks who are around the office this week to share some of their (reading) resolutions for 2010.

I'm going to read more than 50% of the books I buy and. . .keep the bedside to-read pile from being a constant threat to my safety.---David Low, Web Manager

To finish a book that?s more than six pages and not half-chewed, milk-stained, waterproof, or made of cardboard. To uncover the complex undercurrents and character motivations of the itsy bitsy spider. To revise my novel so that Twitter aficionados may continue reading past the first sentence. To sit down and write new material more than once a month, even if it?s just Facebook updates. To finally become friends with Facebook after a long custody battle for time.  Maybe even friends with benefits. ---Amy Stolls, Literature Program Officer and New Mom

To get a new comfy reading chair. I?m a believer in having a designated reading space at home. . .far, far away from the TV.---Sarah Cook, Literature National Initiatives Program Manager

Read more comic books. Memorize all the ?Omar Little? scenes from The Wire. Finish Amy?s novel. Finish my Oneida Poems. Figure out how to Twitter, Facebook, and write novels on my phone. Figure out a good pen name: Caroline Ischel (from Bad Ischel) or Erzsebet Farkas.---Laska Hurley, Administrative Assistant

To read what I like and not what I am supposed to like. Not to go on about something I?m reading unless someone has asked me about it and seems interested in my response. (Many of my unhappy conversations of 2009 were my garbled explanations/monologues of a book I was into.) To listen to the books I love.---Sidney Smith, Administrative Specialist

I'd like to quit my magazine habit for a few months so I can actually read the 75 or so unread books that are loitering on the bottom three shelves of my bookcase and on the windowsill in my office. Read more poetry. Write more poetry. Write a fan letter or two to some writers I really admire. ---Paulette Beete, Public Affairs Specialist and Big Read blogger

What's on your literary list for 2010?

See you all next year . . . .



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