The Big Read Blog (Archive)


March 5, 2009
Washington, DC

This spring Hartford Public Library in Hartford, Connecticut, is hosting a Big Read of To Kill a Mockingbird. According to local news sources, Hartford's Big Read is boasting the participation of 25 local libraries along with a host of other partners. Hartford Stage Company is taking part with a live production of To Kill a Mockingbird, which opened February 19 and is expected to run through April 4. Today's Roadshow and Tell features a trio of photos from Hartford's production, which stars Matthew Modine as Atticus Finch. All photos © T. Charles Erickson.

Father and daughter facing each other sitting on her bed, she looking up intently at him

Scout (Olivia Scott) and Atticus Finch (Matthew Modine) bond over Atticus's watch at bedtime.

Male actor in light colored suit at a tabe with briefcase and papers, townspeople in background observing

Atticus Finch (Matthew Modine) addresses the jury in Tom Robinson's trial as his family and other townspeople (Andrew Shipman, Olivia Scott, Pat Bowie, C. Zakiah Barksdale, Charles Turner, Daralyn Jay) look on.

Youngsters and older townspeople behind the rail dividing the court and the audience waiting expectently

Jem, Calpernia, Dill, Scout, and a townsperson await the Jury's verdict. (back, l-r: Henry Hodges, Pat Bowie, C. Zakiah Barksdale; front, l-r: Andrew Shipman, Olivia Scott)