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September 21, 2009
Canton, Illinois

Spoon River College Foundation---a three-time Big Read grantee---is tackling Ray Bradbury's (eerily prescient) Fahrenheit 451 for its Big Read, which launched last week. Thanks to Jenny and Carol and Loren and all the folks in Canton for submitting these pictures.

Making an appearance at The Big Read kickoff dinner: (from top) the novel's mechanical hound; "Fired Up in Spoon River County" Big Read display; "parlor walls" broadcasting episodes from The Twilight Zone; the Lewiston High School "Tube Band" featuring insruments created from PVC piping and played with kitchen spatulas. (All photos by Bruce Beal and Loren Blackfelner courtesy of Spoon River College Foundation.)


Here's a story on the kickoff from The Daily Ledger.

Check out Spoon River's full calendar of Big Read events!


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