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The Things We'd Carry, Part 3

July 27, 2009
Washington, DC

(Photo by spinnerin from Flickr Creative Commons)

Here's more in our continuing series of responses to the prompt: "Marching into battle?literally or metaphorically?what things might you carry? It's your choice to tell or not to tell why you select what you do."

Today we'll hear from  staff in  the NEA's Office of Communications.

From Pepper Smith:

I would bring assorted prayers from 1927 Book of Common Prayer, the Bible, AA Big Book, plus three pages of quotations on how to cope with fear.
Photos of my wife inside the Dalvey Pocket Compass she gave me.
The best toothbrush I can find.
Patagonia lightweight hiking socks.
Tiny Olympus Digital Voice Recorder
Encouraging letters from friends.
SAS Survival Guide
Hunting knife

From Victoria Hutter

My stash of special cards and letters especially the one my dad wrote to me when he couldn?t travel to my college graduation. The voice mail messages left by my niece and nephew that I keep resaving. A pair of special order pointe shoes circa 1983. Copy of Upright Hilda and the manuscript for Dexter the Dragon both by Donald Hutter. The beanbag frog that used to sit on the back of my grandmother?s reading chair. The stenciled Sucrets box she painted for me that used to hold my hair pins, barrettes, and rubberbands. And lots and lots of photos.

From Adam Kampe

Swedish fish.  As many packs of mint Stride as my pack could handle. A copy of Actual Air by David Berman to slow my mind down, a nano pod filled to the brim with podcasts to tune out the chaos, a copy of Chris Rock's Rock This to keep me laughing all the way to the bank, a picture of the lake I practically grew up on, a picture of my family and best friends.

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