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The Things We'd Carry, Part 4

August 7, 2009
Washington, DC

A look at what's in my bag today.

Here's the final installment in our series of responses to the prompt: "Marching into battle?literally or metaphorically?what things might you carry? It's your choice to tell or not to tell why you select what you do."

I'll lead off today's answers . . .

From Paulette Beete:

I'd carry my Bible, as many ruled Moleskine notebooks and blue ink pens as I could, a photograph of my sister and me taken in my grandfather's shop in Trinidad when we were about two and five respectively, poems by Mary Oliver and Yusef Komunyakaa, postcards of New York and Chicago, and an 80s mixed tape that my friend Michelle gave me when I graduated from high school

From David Kipen:

Marching into battle, I'd carry a copy of The Things They Carried. Somebody must've suggested that already, right? Then I'd bring copies for my whole platoon, and start a  Big Read right there in the foxhole.

What would you carry? Let me know at, and it might make it onto the blog.

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