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June 3, 2009
Washington, DC

 This fall Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried will debut in The Big Read. Here's a sneak peek from the Reader's Guide:

"[The Things They Carried] is split into a lush mosaic of vignettes drawn from O'Brien's own experiences. The title story describes what the soldiers must lug with them -- both literally and figuratively -- as they march: food, canteens, flak jackets, and weapons, as well as grief, terror, secrets, and memories. In another story, O'Brien tells of a young medic who brings his high-school sweetheart to his aid station in the mountains of Vietnam, chronicling her transformation from an innocent girl in a pink sweater to a cold night stalker who dons a necklace of human tongues. Yet another story tells of a soldier back from the war who drives his Chevy around his Iowa hometown, struggling to find meaning in his new life."

Stay tuned for sneak peeks at the other titles debuting this fall . . .

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