The Big Read Blog (Archive)


April 13, 2009
Washington, DC

Christine Taylor is the Program Director for The Big Read at Arts Midwest, the Minneapolis-based regional arts organization charged with administering The Big Read for the NEA. When not cheerfully shepherding grantees through the ins and outs of hosting a Big Read, Christine sings with the Rotary Rooters and plays a mean bass trombone with the Calhoun/Isles Community Band. Here?s Christine?s take on "Why read?"

"I read to learn. I read to escape. I read to be entertained. Sometimes, I read for all three. Reading is a fond memory from childhood. On day one of family camping trips, we would head to the bookstore to pick out new books. Then we would spend the rest of the week reading by flashlight in our tents. My favorite book from camping was the entire V.C. Andrews collection, then we moved into all Stephen King thrillers that scare you when you?re in a tent reading by flashlight at night! I think we started with Nancy Drew mysteries before those. . ."

Christine Taylor