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"First Dusting" by David Hoffman via Flickr

You've finished all of the selections in the Big Read library---now what? Well, if you're like me, then you'll search out other titles by the authors that you've come to know after weeks of reading, discussing, and celebrating. Here are five more books by Big Read authors that are on my "To Read" list....

1. While I appreciate Ernest Hemingway's fiction, my favorite book of his is A Moveable Feast, which I return to time and time again. Between its evocative descriptions of Paris and its deft character studies of literary notables, including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gerturde Stein, it's the perfect vacation in a book. Needless to say, I was quite excited at the recent release of On Paris, a selection of the Paris-focused journalism Hemingway wrote for the Toronto Star in the early 1920s.

2. True confession: I used to own a copy of Edith Wharton's The Custom of the Country but I got rid of it in a fit of pique at Undine Spragg, Wharton's anti-heroine. Let's just say that the fair Undine can give any of today's reality show femme fatales a serious run for her money. Lately, however, I've wanted to reread Undine's story. I can't help but wonder if now, nearly a decade later, I'll find Undine just as loathsome or if, being a bit older, I might just understand her a bit more. Hmmmm.....

3. I tend to reread books I love over and over again, a habit that doesn't exactly lend itself to making my way through my "To Read" list. A couple of years ago I fell in love with Anna Karenina, and---true to form---I'm  pondering taking it off the shelf again. But perhaps I'll make it a new year's resolution to turn my attention, instead, to War and Peace. This Tolstoy tome might be just the right tonic for whiling away the next few wintry months.

4. Next up on my wish list is The Illustrated Man simply because I love Ray Bradbury and I find tattoos fascinating. (C'mon you didn't really think I was going to make it through this whole post without mentioning my Bradbury crush, did you?)

5. Having already read both Gilead and Home, I've been considering camping out on Marilynne Robinson's doorstep until she's done with her next book. But, I think I might instead head to Louise Erdrich's stoop, er I mean, my library to catch up with the Kashpaws and Nanapushes in The Bingo Palace and Tracks.

What titles by Big Read authors are on your "To Read" list?

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