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We're baaaaaack!

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Louisville Free Public Library Foundation's Their Eyes Were Watching God kickoff. (Photo courtesy Louisville Free Public Library Foundation)

Hi there--we've missed you!

But don't worry, we've spent the summer plotting and planning interesting things to bring to you by way of The Big Read blog. We're also now on Twitter (@NEAarts) where we'll bring you The Big Read in 140 characters or less. Look for the hash tag #NEABigRead.

Now for today's post...if you've stopped by The Big Read blog before, you'll have guessed that there's nothing I love more than a good quote...or five! So here are some of my favorite Big Read quotes. Happy reading!

?The goal of the artist is not to solve a question irrefutably, but to force people to love life in all its innumerable, inexhaustible manifestations.? ? Leo Tolstoy

"... [A] book is not just words on paper. Ther?s a whole world and culture around every book." ?Wendy McNamaraPoughkeepsie Public Library District

?Abstraction may make your head believe, but a good story, well told, will also make your kidneys believe, and your scalp and tear ducts, your heart, and your stomach, the whole human being.? Tim O?Brien

?There is a need in us for exactly what literature can give, which is a sense of who we are, beyond what data can tell us, beyond what simple information can tell us; a sense of the workings of what we used to call the soul.? Tobias Wolff

?When you read about the life of another person, you are part of their lives for that moment. This is so vital, especially today, when we have so much misunderstanding across cultures and even within our own communities.? Amy Tan

Tune in Wednesday when Audio Adam will be sharing a good word or two from The Big Read studio. And don't forget to head over to The Big Read website for even more about Big Read books, authors, and events.

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