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During one of the very first Big Reads on Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury himself "beamed in" to join a (filled-to-the-rafters) book discussion. Photo courtesy of  the Florida Center for the Literary Arts/Florida Center for the Book Big Read

Today in the TimesOnline, award-winning writer Neil Gaiman (3 Hugos, 2 Nebulas, and 4 Bram Stokers just to name a few . . . . ) has published a beautiful appreciation of (my perpetual crush) Ray Bradbury. Here are the opening lines . . . .

"I can imagine all sorts of worlds and places, but I cannot imagine one without Ray Bradbury. Not Bradbury the man (I have met him. Each time I have spent any time with him I have been left the happier for it), but Bradbury the builder of dreams. The man who took an idea of the American Midwest and made it magical and tangible, who took his own childhood and all the people and things in it and used it to shape the world. . . ."

Read the complete article here. And since it's sort of impossible to have too much Ray Bradbury, check out The Big Read educational materials here and our film A Conversation with Ray Bradbury here.


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