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Youth, Young Manhood and Mistaken Identity

Washington, DC

Book cover used courtesy of Random House.

Old School, by Tobias Wolff, tells the story of a teenage boy struggling to discover his true, honest self. In many ways, he is an outsider at a privileged college prep school. The nameless narrator craves friendship and acceptance as he struggles to find his place among his classmates. Today, we?ll hear from three contributors to the NEA Big Read audio guide: writer Curtis Sittenfeld, headmaster of the Hill School, David Dougherty, and lead singer of the band Rogue Wave, Zach Rogue. The music is ?Hound Dog? by Elvis Presley, used courtesy of Sony BMG and by permission of Sony ATV Tunes.



To hear the entireĀ Old School audio guide, please visit The Big Read website.


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