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Mark Twain on Staten Island

Readers at a Mark Twain event in Richmondtown, Staten Island. Photo by Jennifer Hsu/WNYC

Earlier this year, in order to attract a fresh audience to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Big Read grantee Staten Island OutLOUD organized an innovative series of Mark Twain happenings, including "Make a Raft, Make Valentines!," "American Idol: A Fresh Look at Tom Sawyer," and an evening spent reading in a cemetery. OutLOUD takes the solitude out of books by hosting participatory read-alouds throughout the community, as well as occasional staged performances.

As part of WNYC's beautiful "Know Your Neighbor" video series, producer Jennifer Hsu spoke with OutLOUD members about their organization, and documented part of their Big Read program. Check it out here! Be sure to scroll down to the video. [2:27]


To hear the entire Big Read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer audio doc, please go the Big Read website.

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