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'Tis the Season for Books

Gaithersburg Book Festival 2011 #GBurgBookFest by flickr user ShashiBellamKonda

For Washington, DC bookworms, the National Book Festival is kind of like Christmas. So many authors! So many signings! So many books to discuss and readings that inspire. And then it’s over. And when that happens, it feels a lot like the letdown that come with every December 26th.

But for the rest of the country, October is still literary primetime. There are book festivals happening every weekend across the U.S., from Portland and Austin to Utah and Boston. So while I sit and nurse my post National Book Fest-woes, the rest of you can look forward to events in your own towns. Or maybe we should all pack up the car and embark on a reading road trip. Below is a sampling of October book festivals---let us know if we left your favorite off the list!

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