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Emily Every Day

Poet Emily Dickinson lived over a century ago (she passed in 1886), but her innovative approach to poetry is still distinct in the 21st century. As former Poetry Foundation president John Barr says in our audio program, The Poetry of Emily Dickinson, "From her private room in the town of Amherst, Emily Dickinson created an original body of poetry unlike anything else in American literature. Her poems, sometimes as cryptic as puzzles, are filled with surprising syntax, unexpected metaphors, and sublime paradoxes that, 'tell the truth, but tell it slant.'" In order to keep her words alive, KRCB Radio 91 FM in California is showcasing one of Dickinson's poems daily as part of their Big Read programming. Each day, a new poem is read aloud.

Here's poet Mary Jo Salter reading Dickinson's poem, "There Is No Frigate Like a Book." [00:18]

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