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Tiffany Glass at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art

Tiffany: Color and Light at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Photo by Travis Fullerton © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Tiffany glass---the beautiful lamps, vases of all shapes, sizes, and colours, glass jewelry, and stunning stained glass windows---is on exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, Virginia. The museum entry is free, but the special exhibit is not. Thanks to Blue Star Families, we were able to spend the hottest day on record, in the hottest location in the State of Virginia, inside this beautiful museum, entirely free.

Just like when we went to Colonial Williamsburg---we walked up to the very helpful people at the Visitor Assistance desk, and showed our ID cards for the Blue Star Families/NEA program and got our tickets. Just THAT simple.

The exhibit is gorgeous---did you know that Louis Comfort Tiffany was also a very good painter and designer? Did you know that many of the flower-themed lamps were designed by some of the women in the shop, not Mr. Tiffany himself? Did you know that no one knows how many stained glass windows were made by Tiffany Glassworks? The exhibit isn’t just beautiful, it’s an education!

Tiffany: Color and Light at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Photo by Travis Fullerton © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The museum has a lot more to offer; the Fabergé exhibit was one of my favorites. I love jewelry. The glorious eggs and other jewelry were gorgeous, but the piece that really made me laugh was the dandelion seed ball in a rock crystal vase, made out of asbestos fibre, diamonds, and sapphires. The Mellon Gallery with its animal paintings and sculpture is a horselover’s dream, and you have to see the piano-playing dog painting… but I have to say the modern art just isn’t my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea/coffee/scones… the Café is handy. The coffee is pretty good, but the chocolate chip scone is more of a giant cookie, so it really isn’t a breakfast food! We didn’t go to the third floor restaurant, but it looked very nice, a white tablecloth type---the reviews say the food is really good.

If you haven’t used the BSF/NEA free museum program---why? A free museum day, with the family, in the air conditioning? Win/Win in my opinion.

Karen Francis is a member of Blue Star Families and a military spouse and mother.  She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband. This post originally appeared on the Blue Star Families blog.


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