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Friends, Family, and Museums

by Sophie Roth-Douquet, Blue Star daughter

Charley Roth-Douquet sketches the armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo by Kathy Roth-Douquet

This summer my family is going on a huge road trip. The theme of our road trip is friends, family, and museums. This blog is about the museums we visited on our road trip. The museum I'm going to tell you about is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has been my favorite museum so far. While visiting some friends in New York we decided to stop by the Met. Once there we made a bee-line to the arms and armor section as a request from my brother Charley. He immediately plopped down and started drawing the armor. My mom and I went around admiring the armor decoration. It was amazing. We also found a piece of armor that was larger than the others, and we discovered it was King Henry VIII's armor. He was an English king who was known for being rather large.

After a while my mom and I abandoned Charley and went to the American wing next door. We stopped at the atrium and mom showed me some Tiffany glass, which was her favorite. It was then that I got a favorite too. My favorite was an autumn scene with trees with red and gold leaves on either side of the picture and in the distance there were some mountains and a pond in front of it that trickled down into another pond right in front of the viewer.

Then we looked at some of the statues. We saw a statue of Cleopatra with a small snake wrapped around her arm, which at first I mistakened as jewelry, but which we found was the asp that she used to commit suicide. I was suprised to find that asps were so small. We also saw a statue of King Solomon and mom told us a story of when two women came to King Solomon with a baby and both told him the baby was theirs so to solve the problem he said he would cut the baby in half and each would get half. One of the women said that it seemed fair, and the other one said, "No, no she can have the baby." So King Solomon said that the woman who said that the other one could have the baby was the mother because she cared about the baby.

After we finished looking at the statues we went into a model of an old house. It had lots of old furniture and a lot of beautiful designs. There was also a Frank Lloyd Wright room, which my mom said my dad would really like. After that mom looked at her watch and told us we had to go, but before we left Charley and I made mom promise we could go back the next day.

Sophie Roth-Douquet is twelve years old and the daughter of a Marine Corps officer deployed to Afghanistan. Her mother is Kathy Roth-Douquet, a Blue Star Families co-founder and the Chair of the BSF Board of Directors. The Roth-Douquet family has been visiting Blue Star Museums across the country over the summer. You can read more about Sophie's perspective as a military child here. This post originally appeared on the Blue Star Families website.


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