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Five Questions with the Fuller Craft Museum

Brockton, Massachusetts

Tim Tate's Memories of Reading (2008) is one of the works on display in the exhibit The New Materiality Digital Dialogue at the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft on view at the Fuller Craft Museum through February 2011. Photo courtesy Fuller Craft Museum

Founded as a traditional fine arts museum and cultural center in 1969 by a Brockton engineer, over the past four decades the Fuller Craft Museum has transformed itself into a collection devoted entirely to crafts, one of only eight such museums in the U.S. Its extensive collection comprises art glass, studio furniture, multimedia assemblages, and more. The museum's public programs include guided gallery tours, family craft workshops (check out Paper Puppets on August 21!), and guided  nature walks. Families can also try letterboxing---an interactive activity in which families can discover one of six "treasure boxes" hidden on the Fuller's grounds by downloading clues from its website. We spoke with Executive Director Wyona Lynch-McWhite about this singular museum.

NEA: Please tell us about the Fuller Craft Museum and what makes it unique.

WYONA LYNCH-MCWHITE: Fuller Craft Museum is New England’s only museum of contemporary craft. The museum is a dynamic environment where craft is experienced through exhibitions, education, outreach, and collaboration. We explore the materials, techniques, and artistic expressions that challenge the perception of craft, while honoring the achievements of the past.

NEA: What’s your favorite part of the Fuller and why?

LYNCH-MCWHITE: My favorite part of the museum are the craft studios, where we offer workshops and classes for all ages from the youngest children through the most accomplished adults. It’s always fun to go by the studios and watch people in the process of creating, working with craft materials and their own ideas.

NEA: What’s on exhibit now?

LYNCH-MCWHITE: We’re especially excited about our current exhibition called The New Materiality: Digital Dialogues at the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft, curated by Fo Wilson. The artists in the exhibition use new technologies---digital video and audio, computerized design, and more---in tandem with traditional craft materials, including clay, glass, wood, metal and fiber, to move in totally new artistic directions. 

NEA: What do you hope visitors to the Fuller Craft Museum will take away from the experience?

LYNCH-MCWHITE: We hope people will come away with a new appreciation for the variety and artistry of contemporary craft, whether it’s glass, fiber, jewelry, wood, metal, ceramics.

NEA: Aside from the Fuller, what’s your own favorite museum to visit and why?

LYNCH-MCWHITE: I really enjoy the Museum of Science in Boston. It also provides a wonderful interactive experience where learning goes hand-in-hand with fun.

The Fuller Craft Museum is located at 455 Oak Street in Brockton, Massachusetts.Visit the Fuller Craft Museum website to learn more. And find out which other museums in New England and across the U.S. are participating in Blue Star Museums here.

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