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What's on View at the Birmingham Museum of Art?

Birmingham, Alabama

Several sculptural works within the space extend the cloudscape drawings that comprise Amy Pleasant's Suspended into three dimensions. Photo courtesy Birmingham Museum of Art

Founded in 1951, Alabama's Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA)  is located in the heart of the city's downtown cultural district. The museum's collection comprises more than 24,000 objects, including the largest collection of Wedgwood tableware outside of England. To complement its exhibitions, BMA offers a host of events for children and adults throughout the year, such as Harness Your Creativity---a hands-on workshop in which participants make their own artworks in response to work on view at the museum---and the summer art camp, which has individual sessions for kindergarteners through high schoolers.

Currently on view at BMA is Suspended, a site-specific installation by local artist Amy Pleasant in the museum's outdoor sculpture garden. Here's the the artist on the genesis of her cloudscape:

Flying home from a trip, I was looking out the window from a plane and began wondering how many people have this exact same experience---looking out the window this way, witht he clous all around you. You're suspended in them, and there's a sense of depth and euphoria that I wanted to capture.

Want to learn more about Suspended? You can check out a short video on the project on the BMA website.

The Birmingham Museum of Art is just one of the more than 700 museums participating in Blue Star Museums this summer. To learn more, visit the NEA website.


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