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What's On View at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

(all photos courtesy Louisiana Art & Science Museum)

Located at 100 River Road South in downtown Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Art & Science Museum features a state-of-the-art planetarium, fine art galleries, and interactive exhibits for children.

Housed in a historic railroad depot on the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (LASM) offers educational entertainment for visitors of all ages. The art galleries showcase changing fine art exhibitions and selections from the permanent collection. Interactive art and science galleries spark creativity and enlightenment in children of all ages, and the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium features shows and galleries devoted to space science. We've been in operation for nearly 50 years, and serve 200,000 visitors annually.

LASM's 2,300-year-old mummy rests in a re-created rock-cut tomb in the Ancient Egypt Gallery.

One of our most popular permanent exhibits is our 2,300-year-old mummy, which rests in a re-created rock-cut tomb in the Ancient Egypt Gallery. This gallery focuses on the Ptolemaic period, which dates from 323 BC to 30 BC. When the mummy arrived at LASM in 1964, it was thought to be female, but recent research revealed it is male.

Currently on view in the art galleries (through September 26) are 100 masterworks of contemporary craft and traditional art created by more than 50 artists, including five from Louisiana. Titled Tradition/Innovation: American Masterpieces of Southern Craft and Traditional Art,the exhibit includes a range of items from a Mardi Gras Indian costume to ceramics, baskets, and glass sculptures.

I think what's most unique about LASM is that we strive to exemplify how art and science connect through the use of interactive and thought-provoking programs and exhibits. We want our visitors to wonder about the world and explore how these disciplines impact their day-to-day activities.

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