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Blue Star Museums Is Back!

Last year, Holden Nelson, then age 4, moves quickly through the exhibits at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Photo by Stephanie Himel-Nelson

Blue Star Museums is now back in full swing and it's making me a bit nostalgic. Looking through my computer files the other day, I found some photos of my boys at a Blue Star Museums event at the Chrysler Museum of Art in 2010. Who can resist photos of their kids as they grow, right? Well, a few hours later, I had finally finished looking through all of our photos from last summer and reading about our BSM adventures from the Blue Star Families blog.

Last year during the event at the Chrysler, I was worried that my extremely high-energy boys, then ages 4 and 5, would be swinging from the chandeliers, trying to write on the art with crayons, and sliding down staircase banisters.

I was so wrong.

My boys were excited, interested, and they paid attention! My then 4-year-old son, Holden, actually spent quite some time asking Chrysler Museum director Bill Hennessy about the statues throughout the museum. They had quite a lively debate about whether or not Lion Crushing Serpent would indeed eat Holden's hand if he touched the statue.

I seriously underestimated my boys, and the Blue Star Museums program gave me the opportunity to see that. Since then, we've gone back to the Chrysler multiple times and visited other area museums. Every time it's been a wonderful experience, and I'm so excited for my family to spend time learning together. We can't wait to do it again this year.

Stephanie Himel-Nelson is the Communications Director for Blue Star Families. She lives with her military family in Chesapeake, Virginia. This post was run in conjunction with the Blue Star Families blog. Please visit the Blue Star Museum website for more information about the program and to find participating museums.


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