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Have You Visited a Blue Star Museum?

Check out some of these great comments about Blue Star Museums from the Blue Star Families Facebook page!

We visited the Museum of the Earth in Ithica, NY last week! It was SOOO cool and the kids LOVED the dinosaur bones (replicas), recreations of dinos, seismographs, and fosils! :-) ~Christine Carter

We visited both Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home) and the National D-Day Memorial. Both beautiful places and well worth the trip. ~Dwayne Tanner

And send a 'Thank you' note to the museum to let them know how much it is appreciated that they support military families. Let them know your gratitude---maybe they'll continue the effort in years to come. ~Cate Haynes

The kids and I are traveling from Puerto Rico to Houston, Texas then a train ride to Erie, Pennsylvania and back again to Puerto Rico. A large part of our trip is planned around Blue Star museums to help with the cost of our adventure. Yesterday we went to the Maritime Museum in loved the Flagship Niagara! ~Neva Gruner

We went to the Liberty Museum and Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia with our family. What an incredible gift to receive these experiences that we probably wouldn't have been able to afford (for 5 people) otherwise. Thank you! :) ~Audra Lyons

If you have a Blue Star Museum experience you would like to share, email with your blog post, photos, video, or even just a few quick sentences about your trip.

This post originally appeared on the Blue Star Families blog. Please visit the Blue Star Museum website for more information about the program and to find participating museums.


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