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Green River Detour. Photo by Jenny Morehead

I’m going to wildly speculate here and suggest that the majority of this blog’s readers have not had the pleasure of visiting Capitol Arts Alliance, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you are among this site’s visitors that have not perused this Blue Star Museum, you’ve got something to look forward to.

Capitol Arts Alliance is one of the 1,500 participating Blue Star Museums, and one of 17 in Kentucky. You may not have known about them---until recently they didn’t know about the Blue Star Museums program---but a friend of the program asked them to join and they did. Lucky for us.

It’s a wonderful example of the diversity of museums in the program. Unlike New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, also a Blue Star Museum, the Capitol Arts Alliance does not feature a retrospective of Richard Serra’s drawings. Nor can patrons dive into the Starfish Enterprise ocean exhibit as you can at the KidZone Museum in Truckee, California, also a Blue Star Museum. But what the Capitol Arts Alliance does offer is exhibits of local and regional artists. Artists like my sister, Jenny Morehead.

Jenny spent 30 years as an educator. Most of those years involved working in special education, which I venture to say allowed her to see the world from a different perspective than the rest of us. She has seen and found uncommon beauty in people society often overlooks and in situations others may have thought void of artistry. What she brought to her vocation she now brings to her avocation---photography.

“Often I am aware of my right brain screaming at my left brain telling it to let the creative side come out and play for awhile. Photography is one way both sides can be happy at the same time,” she said.

When I viewed the images of my sister’s very first exhibit, I had an epiphany. Although she’s retired now from teaching, she continues to bring forth the splendid in the ordinary---not in the classroom any longer but through her images.

I see her work and discover that a forgotten snow-covered wooden barn in Eastern Tennessee can be a work of rustic charm and tranquility. A stream in West Virginia with early morning sunlight filtering through the tree-lined banks can transport me to a different place and time. And a picture entitled Green River Detour, shot late one afternoon from a canoe, can end up in the permanent collection of the Kentucky Museum at Western Kentucky University.

The Kentucky Museum---don’t believe they are a Blue Star Museum yet. I think I’ll ask them to join. I’m really glad the Capitol Arts Alliance did.

Please visit the Blue Star Museum website for more information about the program and to find participating museums.


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