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Postcard from the National Council on the Arts

Washington, DC

Last week, the National Council on the Arts---the advisory body of the NEA---convened in Washington, DC. As part of the program, the Agency presented the Council with hallmarks and milestones from recent NEA initiatives. Of course, this included Blue Star Museums, which recently added its 1,475th museum to its ranks. Although these numbers demonstrate the program’s growing reach, a far more powerful indicator of BSM’s success is the enthusiasm of military families. The video below was shown at Council, and showcases military parents and children who attended the Blue Star Museum launch in San Diego on May 23. [1:38]

[flv: 450 253]
Afterward, we heard from Michael Harasimowicz, Vice Wing Commander of the 70 Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing at Maryland’s Fort Meade. Harasimowicz spoke about the healing power of the arts in times of war, and how museums can offer a sense of community to families who have recently arrived on base. He also spoke personally about how Blue Star Museums has impacted his family, particularly his young son, who as a cancer survivor, has discovered the ways that museums can promote healing. [8:09]

[flv: 450 338]

Please visit the Blue Star Museum website for more information about the program and to find participating museums.


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