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Postcard from San Diego

San Diego, CA

Rocco as Pharaoh in the "Discover Egypt" section of the San Diego Museum of Man.

Last week I was out in San Diego, where we did the second Blue Star Museums kickoff. This year I got to meet with Mayor Jerry Sanders, who is one of the most arts-enlightened mayors anywhere in the country. He really gets the value of the arts; the arts have had a tremendous role in the rejuvenation of downtown San Diego. Balboa Park, of course, is a great example of creative placemaking. There are six or seven museums that are there---it’s a real destination of course. The Old Globe Theatre is there also, which I’ve been to many times. When I was actively producing, we even started one of our shows, Into the Woods, there. So San Diego has become a great arts city, and I think Mayor Sanders has led the way. This year’s kickoff for Blue Star Museums was great. Lieutenant General Milstead, a Deputy Commandant in the Marine Corp, was there with his wife Suzanne to give this a very high-level, prestigious send-off. Of course, Kathy Roth-Douquet was there as well. She is really the spiritual and practical force behind Blue Star Families and now Blue Star Museums, and she has become one of my best pals. We then did a tour of the San Diego Museum of Man. It was great to see how the museum appeals to kids, and how interactive it is. They’re really doing some neat things there. I’m at a point now in my tenure where even when I’m on official travel, I feel like I’m going back and seeing old friends and continuing relationships that have been formed and are deepening. San Diego and the Blue Star Museums kickoff was a great example of that.

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