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Talking with the RISD Museum

Providence, Rhode Island

Stairwell, RISD Museum by flickr user MCS@flickr

In the minds of most, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is first and foremost the country's preeminent art school. But its museum, while perhaps less frequently discussed, is equally prestigious. Founded alongside the school, the RISD Museum boasts extensive collections of ancient, Asian, and contemporary art, as well as decorative arts and textiles. This summer, visitors can view a photographic journey of New York City's Gowanus Canal, 17th century prints by French artist Jacques Callot, and an absurdist video that shows what happens when animals take over a living room. The NEA's Josephine Reed sat down with Ann Woolsey of the RISD Museum, and talked about the museum's history, community engagement, and the unique aspects of running a museum on a college campus. [4:42]



RISD Museum
224 Benefit Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

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