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What's on View at the Penn Museum

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When we visit a museum, there’s a good chance we’ll join up with a docent or pick up an audio guide. If we're at home, we might listen to a museum podcast or watch a video about the latest and greatest exhibits. But for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, accessing tour information can be challenging at best. The Penn Museum however has found a creative way to reach its hearing-impaired audiences. The museum offers a free "Highlights of the Galleries" tour in American Sign Language (videos are also available in English and Spanish). The ASL videos, available on YouTube and iTunes, feature actor and comedian CJ Jones as he shows off eight different galleries and 16 objects at the Penn Museum. Since we at the NEA are big fans of anything or anyone that expands art’s reach, we thought we’d share a few of the videos below. Enjoy!

The Sphinx

The Penn Museum is home to the largest Egyptian sphinx in the U.S. It's so big, that the gallery walls had to be constructed around it! [transcript]

Navajo Hooghan

Museum visitors can stand inside a traditional Navajo hoogan. Learn all about this ceremonial shelter. [transcript]

Roman House

Take a peek inside the lifestyle of Roman aristocracy. [transcript]

Tang Horses

As China's emperor for 23 years, Taizong used thousands of horses in his quest to suppress rivals. Learn about the six horses he chose to enshrine in his mausoleum. [transcript]

Penn Museum
3260 South Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

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