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When I found out about Blue Star Museums, I packed the kids and made plans to visit a museum. We had the opportunity to go the New Children's Museum in San Diego.

According to their website, "the New Children's Museum is a dynamic new model of a museum that celebrates children and the arts. NCM brings families together in a rich educational environment that fosters creativity---blending elements of art museum, children's museum, and community center. A non-profit institution funded by admissions, memberships, and community support, the Museum empowers children to think, play and create through participatory exhibitions, engaging art-making activities, captivating artistic performances, and in-depth educational opportunities. Serving all ages, from toddler to teen, NCM inspires new ways to see the world through the language of art."

The children's museum has different sections of the museum made from trash, it has intriguing new exhibitions, hands-on art projects, and engaging artwork.  Here are a few photos from our visit.

1) When we got their we saw the opportunity to paint a fun and messy?!

2) The Sea Urchin room.

Photo by Trista Laborn

3) Cardboard climbing and rubber bands.

Photo by Trista Laborn

4) Their artwork almost done!

Photo by Trista Laborn

5) And this is the finished product. The kids and I had an awesome time and would definitely go back again!

Photo by Trista Laborn

Trista Laborn is a Marine Corps spouse.  She and her husband live in San Diego with their two children, Aaron and Layla. She blogs at Trista’s Creations.


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