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Text and photos by Carrie Masini

Yesterday was rainy, and when we woke up this morning, it was still raining. I didn't want to spend another summer day inside the house. So, when a friend posted on Facebook that she was taking her kids to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum, I knew our plan for the day too. It didn't hurt that it is also part of the Blue Star Museums program, so it was free for us! Since we are just biding time now until Daddy gets home from Afghanistan, it is a blessing to have these fun things to do to fill up the day and have them be FREE! So, we headed up 9W for our day trip. Just as we were pulling off at the exit, literally a mile from the museum, Caroline took a drink from her sippy cup and it must have gone down the wrong pipe because she threw up! UGH! I've never had a child throw up in the car. It had been about an hour drive, so I wasn't prepared to drive all the way home, even though I didn't have a change of clothes (poor third child doesn't get a fully-stocked diaper bag anymore!), so we just had to go with it.

We got checked into the museum and I bought a t-shirt at the desk. (Luckily, it matched her pants, that had been spared by her blanket covering them!) Then, we were good to go. I am always amazed by my kids at children's museums. I remember when the boys were little and I would have to usher them along to each "exhibit" at the many children's museums we have been to around the U.S. Now, they can stay and play for hours, exploring all on their own. Brendan really got a kick out of the little radio booth,

Michael was really good at the big bubble maker,

and Caroline went crazy on the drums.

But, there was so much more!

And, Caroline even caught the eye of the person in charge of the museum's new blog. I know I am biased and think she is the cutest thing ever, but more and more, I think others think that too! She got her picture taken, and she may be featured on their blog. Crazy!

I also realized that the Walkway Over the Hudson was the bridge that was literally right over the museum. (Above, see it out the window?!) So, on our way out, we stopped by.

It was quite a view! We didn't make it over the water or the whole 1.28 miles, it was pushing it a little after a full morning at the museum (Caroline fell asleep in the carrier before we got off the bridge!), but nothing a sherbert push-up couldn't remedy!

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