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(The back of) Kiki Lapan, taking a tour at the Alamo. Photo courtesy of the Lapans

Did you know that the Alamo stands for freedom even though all those brave men lost the battle? Did you know that wool uniforms are cooler than cotton ones? That’s right, the wool absorbs moisture away from the skin. Cotton sticks to you. I didn’t know that. I was surprised to see how small the Alamo really is. It’s tiny, but full of life and real history. The commander of the force at the Alamo, William Travis said: “I am besieged by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna. I have sustained a continued bombardment for twenty-four hours and have not lost a man. The enemy have demanded a surrender... otherwise the garrison is to be put to the sword if the place is taken. I have answered the summons with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender or retreat.” And they never did!

Our tour guide was really good. He loved the Alamo! That's me in the photo above. I was listening to all the great stories he had to tell.

From the Alamo museum I could look at pictures that showed what you would have seen looking out of the windows nearly 170 years ago when the battle happened and the Mission San Antonio de Valero as the Alamo was known looks a lot on the inside as it did way back in the olden days. You can’t touch the walls because they are really old, but they looked really cool. I wanted to touch them.

Another great thing that I learned was that Alamo means “cottonwood” but was also a place that the Indians lived because there was lots of water and that’s why the military was there too! And why the military has always been in the San Antonio area. The gardens on the grounds of the Alamo are so pretty and you can see what water means to the plants and trees.

Kiki Lapan with her mom, Sheri, at the San Antonio Riverwalk. Photo courtesy of the Lapans

Here’s a picture of me with my mom at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. There are lots of things to see. We had a great time together.

Thank you Blue Star Families for letting me go to museums for free this summer. I get to go to many museums this summer.

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